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FEC Compliance for Candidates and PACs

Political campaign accounting, PAC outsourcing, 8872 compliance, 527 political organizations, and more.

FEC compliance & auditing

For candidates, PACs, corporations, and everything else.

8872 compliance

Let us file the forms for your organization.

PAC outsourcing & auditing

We’ll help you with everything related to political action committees.

Campaign entities

We’ll help you set up your political campaign entity.

About Us

McCauley & Associates has been providing accounting and compliance services for political campaigns, political organizations, small businesses, and corporations since 2005. Whatever your need, we are here to help.

Why Choose McCauley & Associates, P.C.

At McCauley & Associates, our primary effort has always been to provide outstanding services to our clients no matter how large or small. We are a full service CPA and consulting firm committed to excellence, proficiency, results, and value.

We are proud of the high quality and dedicated client focus of our services, and recognize that the main reason our clients have selected us — and continue to select us — is our reliability and responsiveness to their needs. The keys to our success over the past 14 years are simple but important: expertise, responsibility, accountability and consistent independent judgment exercised by our partners and staff. These keys to success have allowed McCauley & Associates to provide close personal attention to each of our client’s needs, which they have quickly come to expect and respect.

Our quality assurance programs and our supporting services are provided on schedule, at a reasonable cost, and in response to the unique objectives, goals and circumstances of each individual client.


Our years of experience navigating the political finance world means we’ll do things the right way, every time. 


We are responsive to your needs and consistently perform the tasks needed to take care of you.


We are completely transparent with our clients and we accept responsibility for our work.

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